It’s Friday in Houston People and “I Want To Break Free”!!!!!





Isn’t that just the way.  We’re like a kite, feeling the wind under neath us, the need to soar, the extreme wish to finally break free.  And just as our string holding us back snaps, and, we finally feel the freedom we’ve longed for, we hit some snag that that makes us feel as though we’ll never escape.

I took this photograph at the Austin Kite Festival a few years ago, and out of all of my photographs  this one represents me.  At the time, I hadn’t started transition, and I had a really strong string holding me down.  marriage, family, all of that.

My divorce was that string breaking, and as I felt free for the very first time, road blocks and walls kept presenting themselves.  Every time, I found myself escaping one obstacle, it was another.

But, this is the way of transition, and I think that it’s something easier to accept, then to constantly beat yourself over the challenges.

Remember, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, and girls like us need to face these challenges head on.

So, now, as I look down at the ground, the wind desperately trying to free me from the branches that represent my job, fears, self doubt, and even the memory of how easy life seemed when that string kept me grounded to earth, I know that there is only one direction for me, and that’s up.

Eventually the wind of progress, and self assurance, and positive relationships will break me free from these branches.  I know this, but there will always be branches and perils in the life of a Beautiful Butterfly Kite.



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