From the Perspective of Liberty

It’s Tuesday Houston, 4-16-2013, a day after what should have been a celebration, turned into a somber example of the risks of living in a free society.

I like to procrastinate my taxes, well, I don’t like to, I simply do procrastinate because of the intense dread I have for doling out a lot of money to a government that has no concerns of how much of it they spend.

It was April 15th, as I sit there toiling over receipts, and W-2’s when I turned on the TV and saw the images flowing in from a tragedy that will forever tarnish the city of Boston, it’s patriot day, and it’s marathon.

Details were sketchy, and as they often do, the media became a shameless factory of true, half true, and completely false information in a race to be the first to report every single detail of a horrible event.  Talking heads playing up every bit of information as though it’s the most important with teasers every hour in a grotesque effort to capitalize on the life and limbs of the victims.

Soon the speculation of who could have done it was washing over the airways in an effort to fill time and keep your attention before the inevitable mass desensitization sets in. The left leaning outlets pointing at American extremists, the right leaning pointing at Al Qaeda

And soon, my friends, we’ll hear the call for regulations, knee jerk reactions by politicians who have no real concern for the American people, while they continue the never ending effort to solidify their career, and provide avenues of income for their friends.

It’s these times we have to remember, that living in a free society means a certain risk to our safety.  We have to be able to handle the fact that there will be people who do not like us, and will find the way and have the means to do harm.

It’s times like these I worry the most.  Not about some foreign country invading, or some massive attack, but of our own government adding more and more control, preserving their way of life while destroying ours.

It’s sort of interesting, I guess, that I was working on my taxes, which really serve as a way for those to fund their projects, and secure votes, that another horrible event would happen that would go to do the same.

Are we willing to maintain our free society even with the risk of harm?  Are we ready to realize that imposing regulations on others will eventually lead to regulations on us?

Democrat, Republican, it’s all part of the same political machine, and it seems so many of us are all too willing to jump head first into it’s gears.


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