Common Consideration, where did you go?

As I sat in the subway shop in the Target shopping strip off of Sawyer in the Heights on a pretty windy day, I noticed a shopping cart left out being blown slowly by the wind.

This rogue shopping cart was gaining speed until eventually it would find some unsuspecting car to crash into, no doubt creating a dent, and a frustration for it’s owner.

I calmly got up leaving my sandwich, backpack, and phone on the table, walking out side in an increasing pace, and eventually a dead sprint to catch the cart before it hit this poor white van.  

I caught it with about half a foot to spare, and calmly returned it to the cart return and went inside.

As I sat down at my place, finishing my sandwich, a family with two carts walked to another car unloaded it, then simply pushed the carts into an empty parking space and left.

It was about then that I noticed no less then 30 or 40 carts strewn throughout the parking lot patiently waiting for their attack orders from the stronger then normal wind.

This got me to thinking.  Here we had 40 carts who at one point had 40 people pushing them, and no one thought to walk the extra 15 or 20 feet to the cart return.  These same people hadn’t a care in the world if someone elses car was dinged, or worse, had to experience the huge let down of finding that perfect space only tor realize it was occupied by some cart left there by a lazy inconsiderate person.

These same people, I’m sure would moan and bitch had they been in the same situation caused by the cart someone else had left.

40 people, most likely more as the carts rotate in and out of the store all day long, 40 people who hadn’t a care about anything other then their precious little world.  40 people who, teach their own children a message of “I gots to get mine”

There is a beggar that makes his way around my apartment complex.  He’s a man of about 50, southern, white trash, accent, always a half drunk smile on his face, and always your best friend.  

Of course this is his game, he’s trying to disarm you when he approaches to ask for money so that he can purchase more of the unnecessary items he wants to spend his money on, rather then purchase life’s necessities.

One day after some small talk he asks me for money, and against my better judgement I gave him the three dollars I had in my pocket, and told him this will be the only time.  After that he’s passed by 2 or three times, then once again asked me for money, of course to “Help him get something to eat”  Rather then give him money, I walked inside grabbed a can of progresso soup, and a plastic spoon, and returned to hand it to him to his complaints that what he really wanted was money.

Just yesterday I returned from a shopping trip and as I pulled into the drive way, I noticed this same man, trying his hardest to gain entry into my jeep that was parked and locked.  It was about this time that I lost my cool, and gave him a piece of my mind and threatened to call the cops as he hastily made his escape.

Last night my girlfriend and I went to the movies to see the new Tom Cruze movie Oblivian.  We like to catch the late show during the week to reduce the chance of any crowds, thus lessening our exposure to the droves of people with their selfish “I gots to get mine” attitude.

It never fails, some family with children way too young to be out this late on a school night will enter the theater.  As their children scream and shout, these same parents will never remove their children to keep them from bothering other people, and instead we are all faced with dealing with the consequences of a couple of nights of passion some strange couple might have had a few years before.

Where did it go, common consideration, when did it stop being taught.  Is it because our teachers are faced with parents who will defend their kids horrible actions till the death.  We even see this now with the Boston Marathon bombers mother.  Her children are angels.  They were set up.  It’s not their fault, even as her only living son now admits to the crime, had explosives, even told people after it happened it was him.  But in her mind, her little special baby is innocent.

Or is it a culture where the smallest selfish wants out weigh the simple effort in asking yourself, how are my actions affecting someone else?

Is it a culture where people who contribute no real value to society are put up on pedestals, where reality shows glorify the worst behavior creating stars out of people who are nothing more then ass holes?

The truth is  parents bare this responsibility.  parents are to blame, and parents are the root.

Children learn whats right and wrong from their parents, and they pass those teachings down to their own children, and so on,and so on.  

We live in a world where the last decency in family history was shown generations back, and generation on top of generation becomes lazier, dumber, and less considerate.

Politicians, advertisers, and the media, have all figured this out. 

I suppose I’ll continue to work hard, I’ll continue to catch speeding carts in parking lots, I’ll continue to tell worthless beggars to get lost, and in the meantime, We’ll all suffer the consequences for the selfish actions of others.


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