Upside down, Inside Out


“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”  ~ Lewis Carroll

There’s a funny thing about growing up.  All of those little rules ever taught to us by our parents, teachers, neighbors, and who ever else took it upon themselves to tell us how to act and who to be, burrow their way into your subconscious mind forming the framework of what is considered normal.  If the rules were trees the forest would be normal, and you get lost making your way around each tree fearing breaking a branch when the better thing to do is  pull that chainsaw out and cut a path to freedom.

It’s not easy cutting those trees down. With each lesson learned, each scolding received, those trees grow bigger and thicker, until they finally drown out the sunlight.  Cutting them down can be a daunting task for someone who has let them grow over the years without so much as a simple prune, and the canopy’s shade can become quite cool and comfortable.

It’s only a temporary comfort, however, and soon you scream for the sun, and suddenly hiding in the shade becomes even more difficult then wielding that heavy chainsaw through those thick old trees, until finally you leave them all behind.

A world of trannies is a world of people who are no stranger to cutting things down.  😉  We’re a group who had enough of those trees, and burst into the sunlight, and can even be over come by fear and anxiety at the mere thought of the shade.  And when you bring a group of people like this together you can form an atmosphere that laughs at normal.  It’s an atmosphere of fantasy.  Boys are girls, girls are boys, and everything is upside down and turned inside out.  Sure, it seems typical to those of us who live in this world, but for those looking in from the outside it can be as if they are passing through the looking glass.  Some of us would have you believe that we are no different then anyone else, and a large part of that is true, but regardless of how much we want to warp the world’s perception to see us as we see ourselves, the truth is, we are different.

I’ve met an interesting woman recently.  She comes from the UK following love and a career in fashion.  Whether it’s her blue eyes, delicious accent, her multi colored hair, or a smile that lets you instantly feel at ease, she is fast becoming one of my best friends.

I’ve recently introduced her to my wacky world of trannies, and it was her comment of just how interesting and strange my world is that caused me to contemplate just what it is that makes it this way.

Sure, the women are tall, the men are short, people don’t let silly things like social norms dictate who they fall in love with.  It’s a world where people express themselves in the ways most natural to them.  And certainly when you bring people together, who each have their own story of escaping the forest, those who live in the shade will find it a bizarre display.

My beautiful British skydiving seamstress has cut her own share of trees down in her life, and surely she’s experiencing her own sunlight.  And I for one, am happy she’s experiencing a little of mine.

Once you find your sunlight, the world truly is a wonderland.


3 thoughts on “Upside down, Inside Out

  1. Blanche says:

    Such an inspirational blog! I loved this post but I also love others. Keep going and all the best in all that you do. I am not a trans person, dont even know how I landed here but am really glad now that I did. This blog is really for everyone no matter who we are or where we are going. Thank you for being out there and sharing your wise words and life’s experiences. Greetings from Switzerland.

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