The amazing thing about our lives, is that they aren’t wholy our own. They zig zag and intersect with countless other lives on their own trajectory through the universe.

The neat thing, is that every single interaction means something, it’s enough to change our course even if slightly, and it sets us up for our next intersection until finally at the end of our life we end in the place that we were always supposed to.

I like to look at people in cars, scrambling to and through, running errands, taking kids to soccer practice, grocery shopping, or going to see a friend for the very last time,and I wonder about their lives, their first kiss, their first christmas, their first heart break, and I realize that the human experience has an infinite amount of combinations, but some how we always end up where we’re supposed to be.

Sometimes our final destination may not seem as nice as someone elses, but that destination has an affect on someone else, and it’s these affects that make humanity what it is. It’s a soup, full of ingredients, none more important than the other, yet all seem to be somewhat un fair.

A few of these times, these happenings, these intersections turn into much more then a wave and a smile, and we find ourselves making real friends, friends who affect us more than others, and have some sort of pull in every decision that we make from that moment on.

This week, in Chicago, as I followed through on a goal that would change my life, I met many such people. My caretaker Lisa, with a slight shake and soft hands, my Dr, a surgeon, who’s artistic vision would forever change how the world reacts to me, the nurses, drivers, even the pharmacyst at target who showed such compasion as I explained why the name on my ID didn’t quite match the vision before her.

But it’s one couple in particular, married for 4 years, Sarah from Italy, and Maya from the US, and to the untrained eye looked like any loving lesbian couple. However, Maya was transitioning, and like so many other spouces Sarah was transitioning along with her.

If it’s possible to crush on an entire couple, I’ve crushed on this one, and I can tell you we will remain great friends, from this moment on. You can feel when you meet someone, and you know that some day you’ll visit, and someday even you’ll share birthdays, celebrations, or any other life event.

No doubt Maya and Sarah, a match so obviously made in heaven, having met doing tango, oozing such affection toward each other, was such an inspiration.

Both full of grace, both full of life experiences, that you can’t help but realize you have so much to learn from them.

I hope some day Sarah, the college professor from Itally who loves to cook, and Maya the solar panel installation architect, will have children, and no doubt those children will be as beautiful and as loving as their parents.

To say I’m inspired is an understatement, and to say I feel blessed for having my life collide with theirs in such a chance happening, is simply to be honest with a vision of things more than our shallow self involved world.

I know that some day, when I’m at my final destination, Sarah, and Maya will have had their hands on the helm of the ship that is my life.

I’m better for knowing them, and I can only hope they feel the same. Thie couple from Vermont, this stylish, world travelled, and beautiful couple. And Now, they are my friends. I cherish them and I always will.


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