And we Prayed

It’s been a super stressful morning. We’re all still in various stages of shock about what happened in Orlando. And the truth is, it’s especially painful after the events leading up to it that have affected the LGBT and most recently the T.
I decided to go for a bike ride and just loose myself as I weaved through the streets and bike paths of Houston.
And as the rain clouds started moving closer and I wondered if I would get totally drenched, I noticed a guy resting on one of the bridges.
About 5 feet away from him was a large wooden cross with a pack strapped to it, and some wheels affixed to it’s base.
I recognized this as one of those people who travel around carrying a cross and I thought to myself, I wonder where he’s been and where he’s going.
He waved as I passed and I continued on.
on my return trip I passed him again. This time resting about a mile away from his previous stop sitting under a railroad bridge, his cross leaning about 20 feet away and his head tilted down with a dog at his feet.
I continued on, and this time he didn’t notice, but, I got down the path a little ways and I thought to myself.
Maybe I should stop, maybe I should talk to this guy, so, I turned around, road the half mile back and introduce myself.
His name was Stephen. His dog’s name was Ranger. He was traveling from El Paso and making his way through Houston. He carries the cross a few miles gets a ride back to his truck, then brings his truck back to his location and finds a hotel to spend the night.
We talked a little, and I asked him if he had any problems. He said yes, with religious spirits. I asked what he meant, and he gave an example of people who told him Jesus didn’t die on a cross, but died on a stake.
He said, it’s not the point. The point is he died for our sins.
I know that some of you aren’t Christian, and that’s totally ok. But, the point of this story is that there is a story of love that often gets overwhelmed by the details.
We talked a little more, and I told him I needed to get going, and he asked if we could pray together.
I agreed.
He asked what we should pray for, and I said the people in Orlando.
So, there, we were, a man, a dog, a huge wooden cross, and a transgender woman under the railroad tracks next to the Bayou between two thunderstorms….
And we prayed.

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