Bio: Hola Chicas! I'm a tranny with libertarian ideas. I'm the type of person who looks for the positives in life and I don't sweat the small things. I'm a Photographer, a cyclist, a lover, a girlfriend, a puppy's momma, a friend to most, a daughter, a sister, and an all around great gal! Little on the geeky side, but, only in the coolest of ways. I'll probably write about whatever I feel like it, but i'll be talking about politics, photography, fitness, bicycles, The other side of trans issues, and how tranny girls are quite possibly the best girls to date. 😉 Oh, and I can't forget my passion, yard nomes. I just love them. OMG. ok, I don't, and they sort of freak me out. I couldn't even go on with that joke. 😦

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